Mining and Engineering

In the Republic of Peru found a company purely national origin in the white city of Arequipa sur-zone to put at your disposal a fleet of all-terrain vehicles and experience the rugged paths and roads hinospitos mainly in peru mountain area and Cusco Tintaya, Espinar, Antapacay, Constanza project Inmaculada project Hochschild Group, Canary Puquio mines, Bado, Lucanas Iscahuaca, Ayacucho, Pampamarca.
In Apurimac: The Bambas project, Cerro de Pasco, La Oroya.
Selene Mine, Mine Area, arcata mines, mining Orcopampa, Buenaventura Group, Crossing The Andes Mountains en route to the destination programmed our clients in the areas of mining and various engineering projects in construcccion roads, dams, tunnel, bridges , laying of electrical networks, environmental studies mining buildings aerial photography attending the best construction companies in the country like Graña y Montero (GyM), Odebrecht, JJC Company, plotter for wide loads, to guide convoys,
mineral plants construction of housing for local miners servicos.

Electrical projects Transmantaro of pylons from Central duck to Tacna, topography, record owners, mining exploration, mining of interior, surface mining, offshore oil study on the coast: Perupetrol.
Our customer care experience has opened various work fronts and penetrate the most remote parts of the jungle of Peru in the opening of roads, main roads, tunnels in areas Ollachea, Puerto Maldonado important roads in the valleys of the Quillabamba convention, Kiteni Echeraqti Maranura, Camisea Inambari, Camp Planchon.

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