About Us

Dear customer and friend:

Through the information about our company that we want you access. We expect you know us better. You will have an idea of our values, the services we offer, our equipment, our major customers and suppliers and other data that we believe will be of interest to you. We invite you to personally know our organization and our way of doing things.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Raúl Núñez
Genesis Rent a Car Manager

Our Vision

Genesis Rent a Car will be recognized by their customers, partners, suppliers and the Commonwealth which integrates the high quality of products and services that sell.

Our Mission

Satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients remain leaders in the quality of our service , through a highly Trained Staff.

The Strategic Tool

The basic operational tool that we have chosen to achieve our purpose is the administration of our organization through the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM).